How to create a direct mail piece that gets attention

Why should marketers keep on sending out emails and postcards that work to you and everyone?

There’s a reason your inbox seems to be repeatedly jam-packed: Email marketing works. Though, it seems companies are able to get better and smarter about ensuring that every message counts.

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It seems to be a post-holiday tradition in many companies to return unwanted gifts and vowing to exercise more… However, you should be spending a few hours cleaning out your email inbox as well!

If you’re reasoning as to why marketers seem to continually send emails to you more and more, there is a simple explanation ~ it works. Email remains significantly more effective in acquiring customers than social media ~ nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined. Wow! Still hard to fathom, but it’s true!

Focus on the journey, not the click.

Sometimes it is difficult to see the whole picture or final product, but try to envision where you are headed and not just the “click.” The email is actually part of a series of interactions with a brand… and marketers should be just as obsessed with where an email sends the user.

Ask yourself, ‘Why invest so much time in an email only to drop the user onto a generic home page?” Make sure you customize the landing pages ~ which send the user directly to the item or offer featured in the email. This in itself can increase conversion rates by more than 25%. Once again, don’t forget mobile devices! Nearly 45% of all marketing emails today are opened on a mobile device. Yep, true.

The best marketing organizations view every direct mail that works as an opportunity to learn more about their consumer. So, pay attention to emails received and make sure your emails state exactly “what” you want them to say…. There is one apparel company which markets through multiple channels and recently implemented a monthly review of its email campaigns in which marketers share three “hits” and three “misses.”

These reviews are extremely helpful for future marketing attempts and how to correct errors previously made by either email content or the marketers themselves.

Seems difficult and tedious, but it can be successful for you and your business to take the time and re-think your email campaigns. Many believe that in today’s world, operations of our business needs to be ready for the change. Creating and sending 3,000 emails a day is very different from sending one mass email blast. Although, as noted above, it is a lot of work, but it pulls in real returns. Getting to know the consumers’ shopping behavior will help you in converting clicks into sales…. Postcards and direct mail as a marketing strategy works!

Direct Mail Statistics 2014

Direct Mail Marketing Vs Email Marketing: Whats Best For Your Small Business

Direct mail marketing is one of the overlooked strategies today, but it proves to still be effective in today’s marketing landscape. While email is less costly to send out, it doesn’t provide the same result as direct mail. In most cases, direct mail printing will still get better response rate than email. Although both email and direct mail has to be sent out on a regular basis, most email will never be read as they will likely end up in the spam folder.

With your direct mail marketing campaign you can invite potential clients to visit your facilities. This gives them a first hand look at how everything works and, if possible, give them a chance to speak directly with current clients, either pre op or after surgery. Talking to actual clients and seeing the results in real life greatly increases confidence and prompts people to take that step. Committing to plastic surgery is a big step and without this personal contact, many people who have been considering having work done, will never take that next step.

The direct mail mailing list is a key factor in a successful direct mail marketing campaign and a major point to consider in small business marketing strategies where marketing ROI (Return On Investment) is a key concern.

Direct mail marketing strategy can be the simplest way to start attracting your target audience, so you need to know the right things to do. Following are some interesting ideas sets out effective tips for making your direct mail marketing program what it requires to be.

Another advantage of direct mail marketing, is that it allows you to make a personal connection with your customers. Aside from writing a personal note or personally writing the name of the customers in the salutation, direct mail just feels more personal and special. When you do direct mail, it shows people that you invested your time and effort in creating a material especially for them. This shows them that you will extend the same care and attention when dealing with them. This will surely strengthen your relationship with your customers and lead you to earning stronger response.

Get Back to the Basics for higher response rates on your next direct mail campaign with Real Handwriting! I have worked in direct mail marketing for many years now and the one thing that has always bugged me about it was how impersonal it can really be. Most businesses want to reach your mailbox, they want to establish a good relationship with you, but they cut costs when it comes to contacting you. This results in a highly impersonal, mass produced, “you’re just a number”, advertising campaign. It’s time to get back to the basics… and here’s how.

In today’s society, we communicate more by texting, e mail, Facebook, blog posts, and instant messaging than ever… Even my 70 something Mother uses Facebook to keep up with the family!

There’s no doubt about it, the Internet has taken the world by storm. In today’s high tech world, it has become a must to make an online presence. If you are a business owner, it is important that you make your presence seen and felt in the market. But despite the uproar on the Internet, you need to understand that it has not completely displaced traditional marketing. If you still want to do direct mail marketing today, you can always do so.

Direct mail advertising is not a new trend in advertising but it is one that is sometimes overlooked by small businesses. It is a shame because this kind of advertising is capable of creating a positive response from target customers. The good thing about marketing is its ability to evolve itself with the changing times and advertising through direct mail is the best example of that. With this strategy, marketers are allowed to make a straight approach directly from the mail house to the residence or office of the customers.

With that in mind, we can say that direct mail advertising is basically a process of supplying advertising materials such as leaflets, catalogs, brochures, CDs, and so on to the homes or offices of both potential and existing customers. This mode of advertising has been proven to work as evidenced by the fact that many postal service providers gain their major share of income from ad mails. Direct mail is really popular in certain countries especially in Canada where both the addressed and unaddressed mail advertisements are said to constitute 20 percent of the overall postal income of the country.


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Simple And Effecting Advertising Strategy With Social Network Marketing

How to make social networking a primary resource for marketing.

Using the tools to advertise the site will teach you how affiliate marketing works. Basically, every member that signs up through your affiliate link will become your referral. A referral is a new member you own and you will make a small portion of what they earn every day. So, the more referrals you have in your down line the more money you will make on a daily basis.

This began to change in the middle to late 1970s. Academic periodicals, including the Journal of Business to Business Marketing and the Journal of Business Industrial Marketing now publish studies on the subject regularly. Professional conferences on business marketing are held every year and courses are commonplace at many universities today. Robert Dwyer and John Tanner point out that more marketing majors begin their careers in business marketing today than in consumer marketing.

The communication process is sender encoding transmission device decoding receiver, which is part of any advertising or marketing program. Encoding the message is the second step in communication process, which takes a creative idea and transforms it into attention getting advertisements designed for various media (television, radio, magazines, and others). Messages travel to audiences through various transmission. The third stage of the marketing communication process occurs when a channel or medium delivers the message. Decoding occurs when the message reaches one or more of the receiver’s senses. Consumers both hear and see television ads. Others consumers handle (touch) and read (see) a coupon offer.

VP of Database Marketing-Top Annual Salary Range: $150k $180k Direct response marketing includes marketing efforts eliciting direct contact, and that which seeks to deliver a direct response from recipients of a marketing message. The Database Marketing vice president’s job is to provide oversight of the development of strategically targeted marketing programs with the goal of delivering tangible results in the form of new customers, or in leads that could be used to cultivate new customers. The top boss in database marketing will usually manage a staff of managers, assistants, and statistical analysts who work to maintain and utilize the company’s marketing database to help maximize sales results for marketing efforts.

While an employee may have vast experience with designing and managing standard marketing campaigns, Internet marketing is a different world entirely. The employees managing such campaigns will require specific internet marketing courses or training to achieve competency at managing such campaigns. Oftentimes, the campaigns themselves are fairly simple affairs and it is the exact workings of how commissions are paid and how the campaigns drive traffic to the company’s site that need explanation. The design of the look and feel of the campaigns themselves strongly coincide with other types of web design and the skills learned by taking classes specific to web design will translate very well toward marketing endeavors.

In 1990’s digital media was first used. The term of digital marketing has grown in popularity over time. Now this is most common term. SDM is marketing that makes use of electronic devices such as personal computers, smartphones, cellphones, tablets etc. It applies technologies or platforms such as websites, e mail, apps and social networks. Social Media Marketing is a component of digital media marketing. Many organizations use a combination of traditional and DM channels.

Social media has established a prominent presence as form of marketing utilized by companies in countless industries worldwide. There are a variety of inherent factors that can prove to substantially…

Fundamentally, marketing is a necessity in today’s environment but not matter how big the investment is, it should be subject to scrutiny just like any other business investment. The funny thing is, it is not and often marketers expect their budget to grow from year to year without really questioning its relationship to other parts of the business.


Video Marketing: How Your Offline Business Can Use Video To Drive Sales

How to use videos to drive traffic to your offline business.

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular with the online population, and will continue to do so for many years. Creating a successful video marketing strategy is crucial for any small business eager to succeed.

When done properly, video marketing can be used to promote even the most dull products. Take a look at the video below for a BlendTec blender. I’m sure you’ll agree that it isn’t the most interesting product, but these videos have had millions of hits on YouTube thanks to a bit of creative thinking. Much better than the boring corporate you had in mind, right?

If you follow these video marketing production tips you should end up with a high quality marketing video that several people will want to watch. Your next step is to market the video as much as possible so that many people see it. If you do a bit more research you will be able to find plenty of information on editing your video and marketing it so that people will want to watch it.

Compounding your web video marketing campaign with well written articles is like setting yourself up for a slam dunk. Often displayed on the same page, your article works to bring in the traffic while your video is there to close the deal.

Video Marketing is not expensive to do. So trying this won’t hurt your budget. You will only pay a little sum of money. In video marketing, always be noted that you should take legal actions before posting and obtaining videos from other people. Make sure you don’t get in trouble due to copyright issues.

Visit Vu Studios at or Call 239-228-9300 To Get Your Video Created and Ranked On Page One – $50 Per key word Phrase | Video Marketing | SEO Services | Los Angeles | Miami…

If you are thinking to use Video Marketing only to generate more traffic for your Business Site, you should post your short video clips in portals like, or DailyMotion, which are the most famous of video portals online getting millions of hits each day. You can also use subtitles in different languages to grab a wider audience for your product and simply drive them to your site using a direct link posted with the video. And when preparing these short clips, make sure not to provide them complete details of the product, rather make them interested and force them to click that link directing to your site.

Keep it real. When you upload your web video marketing campaign, make sure it comes across with a genuine sense of honesty. You want people to listen to you, to relate to you, and to overcome any prejudices they might have regarding your product or service. Educate people and they will buy from you. Entertain people and they will buy from you. Talk down to people and they will look elsewhere.

These days, quite a few experts are using video marketing as a part of their tactic. They now understood how this kind of promotion would make a large effect in create traffic, leads and sales to an Internet marketer. Video Marketing is much seen as one of the most successful tactic in furthering certain products and services.

Article video marketing is a new type of internet marketing and advertising in which business create 2 5 minute short videos about specific topics using content from articles and other text sources. The videos are then uploaded to various video sharing websites like YouTube for distribution and exposure.

Using web video marketing to enhance profits is becoming increasingly popular and is actually starting to show strong value. Marketing on sites like YouTube is an easy way to breathe new life into existing campaigns. It works by bringing your prospect closer to your product, your website, and your business through personal inclusion.

Launching a web video marketing campaign works very much in the same way television advertising works. Because the consumer can see you, can feel some sort of connection to you and your business, and feels a sense of trust, your profit margin is likely to see results. Reaching your audience members still requires some of the same basic search engine optimization elements that article writing entails, but your consumers reach your video instead of just an article.

Affordable: As Online Video Marketing becomes more and more popular, competitors increase, and it is becoming increasingly more affordable to create a clean and concise video advertisement. YDraw is one of the most upcoming affordable online video marketing companies available today on the market, and they continue to increase their productivity and affordability.


Melancholy Copywriting: Marketing Lessons From Old Time Heart Achy Country Music

How to create Copywriting that gets noticed.

Use this copywriting checklist for copywriting – or to evaluate copywriting. It is based on what works best from over 1,200 copywriting projects we have done since 1997 It will lead to significantly more response from all copywriting used in advertising and marketing.

If you did a killer job, the better. But even if you just did a mediocre job, you could still double their sales since their sales letters are very badly written. This is one of the most valuable copywriting tips for beginners you could do it even if youre starting from scratch!



Copywriting as a job also offers a great workplace environment. Many copywriters work within an advertising agency, which can be a great place to work. You often have many other creative people and there you can bounce ideas off of one another and these people often have high energy which you can feed off of. This can be a great group of people to work with because you will often find that you are challenged due to the intelligence and creativity of this group of people.

There are many different sizes of advertising agencies see you could decide to work for a smaller advertising agency if you like a close knit group of people or you could work for a larger advertising agency if you want more competition. This could be structured according to how your mindset and makeup are. There is a great deal of flexibility within your workplace environment as demonstrated here.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION copywriting is all about being sure that your internet site content material acquires greater ranks and your websites; press releases along with content material distribution manage to drive traffic internet. SEO Copywriting providers involve burly study to determine about the most reasonably competitive key phrases, that your articles will be based.

Following involves the research to understand your type of producing, as one very important issue must be appreciated that the content material must be educational, easy to read as well as hold your key phrases to supply the site your ranks its requires proofreading for students.

So what it comes down to is this, no matter how great your copywriting, if you don’t have input into all aspects of the campaign, you are running the risk of it going Pete Tong.

Copywriting agencies may be designed on an employee model, with full or part time employees providing services to clients. Others may work with a regular team of trusted contractors, while still others function more like middlemen, connecting clients and editorial freelancers and taking a cut of the proceeds from each project.

You don’t need to make a complete fool out of yourself in the copy, but make sure that you write in an engaging manner. The goal is to attract customers to your website, so make sure that you apply these simple copywriting strategies when you start writing.

Given this, SEO copywriting involves harmonizing the course and readability and filling keywords wisely. Fitting in keywords and however be able to preserve course and readability at preferred stage is a value of a good web writer copywriting for optimization reasons.

In many circles, Copywriting is also known as promotional and business writing. Projects for copywriters can include ads, sales letters, and website sales and ‘squeeze’ pages. With the rise of informed entrepreneur ism, most businessmen are making sure that they put commercials and other persuasion methods into good use in order to generate clients and in turn, profit as a consequence there has been a huge rise in the demand for copywriters.

End clients, on the other hand, require a promoting copywriter or website copywriter who sees their business the way they do, and can convey that vision. They will probably require a lot of guidance in addition, mainly if they are just starting out themselves. If you can, help them comprehend that copywriting is not just about telling people what products and services the business offers, it is about conveying the benefits of those products and services. A good promoting copywriter or website copywriter will be able to help their purchaser think in terms of benefits instead of products and services.


How To Choose A Web Design Firm Or Web Designer


Choosing A Web Designer can be a tricky process.

Web design is a broad term used to encompass the way that content is delivered to an end user through the World Wide Web, using a web browser or other web enabled software is displayed. The intent of web design is to create a website a collection of online content including documents and applications that reside on a web server/servers. A website may include text, images, sounds and other content, and may be interactive.

The world of web design includes a whole spectrum of freelance web designers, freelance web developers, student run web companies, mid level niche digital agencies or the high end web design studios.

Web designing is an inevitable step through which any company or organization who is seeking fame and popularity in the global market has to go through. There are many who try to evade the need to hire web designer and tries to create their own website by using online templates. At the end of the day, the consequence is disastrous and hardly any viewer turns up to view the products or services. After a lot of time and effort is wasted, ultimately the need of expert web developers emerges.


web design

Although web design has a fairly recent history, it can be linked to other areas such as graphic design. However web design can also be seen from a technological standpoint. It has become a large part of people’s everyday lives. It is hard to imagine the Internet without animated graphics, different styles of typography, background and music.

Hiring web designers are important because it allows you to build a professional image and a brand. When people visit your website, you want them to be impressed. So such web designers allow you to relay to your potential consumer those things that set your particular product or service apart from other companies.

Google Web Designer is a program for Windows, Mac and Linux from Google for creating interactive HTML5 sites and ads for any device. It offers a GUI with common design tools, such as Text Tool, Shapes and Pen Tool, as well as integrating Google Web Fonts. The advertising feature set is more complete with components to add Google Maps, YouTube videos and more, as well as automatically including the tracking code events for DoubleClick and AdMob.

Before hiring a web design company, you must know that the cities and the rural have slight difference in terms of rates. This is necessary because if you are a city dweller then a web company within the locality should be preferable and vice versa. Henceforth, always hire a company which is within reach one such is Web Design Atlanta, easy and rapid for localities living within the boundaries of the city. An important aspect which has been noticed, that people have a wrong myth about the companies. If the company is expensive then it will provide excellent service while a cheap firm fails to standby its service. – ML Web Consulting shows you how to quickly mock-up / design a website within 10 minutes. Using Adobe Fireworks, Michael Locke demons…

It may be just the vice versa of your thinking, because an expensive firm is always occupied with dozen of workloads which tends to slow down your work or may put your project on hold for awhile. Whereas, a nominal web company would throw it and prove its initiative to design your web and will standby its words by giving out the work on time. This is because they are vacant and run out of projects so, they will prove their ability and only concentrate on your work file.

WYSIWYG A lot of web design software is what is known as WYSIWYG editors. This means that what you see is what you get. They are easy to use and easily deployed as a Web page appears when loading through a browser.

You’ll have heard of web design software and surprise what it’s and how it can help you. Let’s quickly discuss what a web page is. A net page is a collection of text, photos, audio, and/or video that’s viewed on a Internet browser. If you’ve got ever used Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Avant Browser, Opera, Safari, Maxthon, or another browser, you’ve seen web pages. Therefore how does a net page grasp where to display the pictures and where the text goes?

The net website creator writes instructions for the web page to follow in an exceedingly pc language called HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). HTML tells the browser what color to form the text, what background image to use, table properties, text color, form, and size the full nine yards. (Note that there are other languages used, however HTML is that the predominant one.

In short, web design is the term used to explain the creation of the visual layout and aspects of a website how wide/long it is, where the images should go, if it has a sidebar, and what the header will look like all fall under web design’s banner.


Things To Remember When Getting Your Own Printing Postcards

Printing postcards for advertising purposes has long been a part of many companies’ marketing plans. Part of the appeal of this strategy is its efficiency and simplicity in terms of production and distribution. However, there are still many business owners and marketers who commit some mistakes when printing postcards. Below are the things that you should avoid before your order your prints from a postcard printing company.

Postcard printing is more environment friendly. Less paper consumption means less paper trash introduced into the environment, into different dumpsites, into the water supply, and practically anywhere papers get thrown until they disintegrate. Again, with postcards you forgo the use of envelopes and letterheads and go straight to pitching your product, so it is not hard to realize why postcards are a more environmentally friendly alternative. The next time you approach your commercial printing company, try to determine how many trees are cut down for your commercial printing products and how much paper wastes are thrown away with each page you print. You might realize that it would be better for your business and for the world in general if you opt for postcards instead.


printing postcards

Postcard printing is cheaper. You may ask how postcards can possibly be cheaper if they use practically the same materials, the same ink, and the same colors as other commercial printing products. However, think of how much money you will save if you no longer have to print out your own envelopes and letterheads when reaching out to people. This also means that postcards are more direct and more convenient for both you and your customers, which is another reason postcards are so great. Since no company wants to spend so much for their publicity and marketing, postcards are the best alternative.

Over the years, a fresher and newer way for people to order their postcard printing has been practiced, and that is through the internet. There are several professional printing companies that offer high quality printing service. Moreover, all these sites also allow their clients and customers to control the creation of their card.

When you are more into cheap postcard printing that you do not want excess fees for bigger paper sizes, you can try putting on special effects such as twinkling, sparkling or glittery inks. This is the usual option for those who would want to make their postcards unique and attractive. Most postcards do not possess this kind of effects; so, by adding this design you can provide a twist in the appearance of your card. You just have to ensure that the inks you will be utilizing are appropriate to the design of your postcard. If your postcard has a star or magic wand symbol, you can easily apply the sparkling ink.

Designing and printing postcards online is a great way to get a large number of high-quality prints. Base the design around what sizes and quantities are ava…

Writing long and complicated messages.

The idea of printing postcards for marketing purposes is to reach your prospects and clients, even if they are on the move, and communicate your message to them instantly. You have a second or two to say what you have to say so do not waste this opportunity by attempting to be clever with jargons or supplying your audience with a barrage of thins that you offer. Make sure to use short, well written sentences or bullet points to get your message across and focus on one important point per mailing.

Before printing occurs, the frame and screen must undergo the pre press process, in which an emulsion is ‘scooped’ across the mesh and the ‘exposure unit’ burns away the unnecessary emulsion leaving behind a clean area in the mesh with the identical shape as the desired image. The surface (commonly referred to as a pallet) ensures that the substrate will be printed against is coated with a wide ‘pallet tape’. This serves to protect the ‘pallet’ from any unwanted ink leaking through the substrate and potentially staining the ‘pallet’ or transferring unwanted ink onto the next substrate. Next, the screen and frame are lined with a tape.

The type of tape used in for this purpose often depends upon the ink that is to be printed onto the substrate. These aggressive tapes are generally used for UV and water based inks due to the inks’ lower viscosities. The last process in the ‘pre press’ is blocking out any unwanted ‘pin holes’ in the emulsion. If these holes are left in the emulsion, the ink will continue through and leave unwanted marks. To block out these holes, materials such as tapes, speciality emulsions and ‘block out pens’ may be used effectively.

Some say printing is a dying industry. With more and more people purchasing smart phones, Ipads and other gadgets I can see how they’re reaching this conclusion. News, Sports, Advertisements and entertainment can be had with a touch of the button or the swipe of a finger. Newspapers are having trouble selling their papers and Printing companies are finding it harder to come by work. Yes. This is all true, but I believe people are failing to see the big picture. The Printing Industry isn’t dying it’s evolving.

The banner printing services have also taken a turn for the better, as with the printing technology, you do not have necessarily have to locate, visit, explain, and waste precious time waiting for banners to print error free. Now you can go through this whole banner printing venture online. Miracles of modern technology, all you have to do is to access the website of the chosen service provider , make your pick of the design and the text, narrate the quantity of the order and key in your payment particulars, and that is all there is to it. You can have your banners delivered right to your doorstep and the good thing about the whole process is that you did not have to move an inch placing the order until delivery. You can complete the whole transaction from within the comfort of your home.

Main Question:

DIY Printing postcards…?

Best Answer: by Burris Computer Forms

Postcard paper is called “card stock,” however there are varying degrees of card stock quality and you’ll want to make sure you get a high enough quality that your pictures will turn out bright and crisp. (:

We actually have a blog post about what types of postcards are best for photographers to print their photographs on! Printing blo…

One of our top products for photographers are the PMI (Premium Matte Inkjet) products:…

They allow you to produce very crisp images, though we suggest you only use them with Inkjet printers, as the name suggests.

Once you’ve picked out the type of postcard you want, we have blank templates that go along with our products: templates m…

We have templates for both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher. We recommend Microsoft Publisher if it is available to you.

If you’d like some help getting stared, we have a free Getting Started with DIY Printing Guide that you can download: free ge…

Also, check out our blog for more DIY printing tips! Printing blo…

Good luck printing your images!