How to create a direct mail piece that gets attention

Why should marketers keep on sending out emails and postcards that work to you and everyone?

There’s a reason your inbox seems to be repeatedly jam-packed: Email marketing works. Though, it seems companies are able to get better and smarter about ensuring that every message counts.

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It seems to be a post-holiday tradition in many companies to return unwanted gifts and vowing to exercise more… However, you should be spending a few hours cleaning out your email inbox as well!

If you’re reasoning as to why marketers seem to continually send emails to you more and more, there is a simple explanation ~ it works. Email remains significantly more effective in acquiring customers than social media ~ nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined. Wow! Still hard to fathom, but it’s true!

Focus on the journey, not the click.

Sometimes it is difficult to see the whole picture or final product, but try to envision where you are headed and not just the “click.” The email is actually part of a series of interactions with a brand… and marketers should be just as obsessed with where an email sends the user.

Ask yourself, ‘Why invest so much time in an email only to drop the user onto a generic home page?” Make sure you customize the landing pages ~ which send the user directly to the item or offer featured in the email. This in itself can increase conversion rates by more than 25%. Once again, don’t forget mobile devices! Nearly 45% of all marketing emails today are opened on a mobile device. Yep, true.

The best marketing organizations view every direct mail that works as an opportunity to learn more about their consumer. So, pay attention to emails received and make sure your emails state exactly “what” you want them to say…. There is one apparel company which markets through multiple channels and recently implemented a monthly review of its email campaigns in which marketers share three “hits” and three “misses.”

These reviews are extremely helpful for future marketing attempts and how to correct errors previously made by either email content or the marketers themselves.

Seems difficult and tedious, but it can be successful for you and your business to take the time and re-think your email campaigns. Many believe that in today’s world, operations of our business needs to be ready for the change. Creating and sending 3,000 emails a day is very different from sending one mass email blast. Although, as noted above, it is a lot of work, but it pulls in real returns. Getting to know the consumers’ shopping behavior will help you in converting clicks into sales…. Postcards and direct mail as a marketing strategy works!